This project was a complete rebranding and a completely new website for the Arts Departments of Providence High School in Burbank, California:

We needed to balance the branding of the high school itself along with the artistic endeavors of the various arts departments: Visual Arts, Choral, and Drama. Given that it’s a WordPress website, we were able to give each department head access to their own sections of the website. This includes the calendar where they’re able to enter all of their own events throughout the year. The visitor in turn gets to see all events for all departments conveniently in one location.

A New Website.  A New Logo

One of the creative challenges we had was to build on the Providence High School logo yet bring a little flair of the arts.  We took the font of the original school logo and found a great little font to bring the flair.  I think it looks great and the arts departments and administrators were thrilled.  So were we.

Another huge opportunity for the arts departments with their new website was the ability to pre-sell tickets. The Drama Department took full advantage of this for their project Moby Dick! The Musical. With pre-sales, they were able to sell out several nights including an evening during a torrential Southern California downpour which would have otherwise kept many people away. Their sales were already safe and sound. The show must, and did, go on despite the foul weather.