Hi, I’m Rachael Henning. I have over 12+ years working online with service and product based small businesses. I am a Certified Partner with Infusionsoft and have over a decade of experience in the system. One of my clients was a beta tester back in the day when the company first started. I’ve seen it all!

Here’s are some services that I offer:

  • Infusionsoft Onboarding Plan: You can request me as your certified partner to assist you in your onboarding plan after you sign up for Infusionsoft. This allows us to start working together from the beginning. We will set up your shopping cart, brand center, CRM, merchant and your first campaigns. If you have not purchased Infusionsoft yet, contact me (rachael@redhenwebdesign.com) and I will have a special discounted deal for you that I can offer as a certified partner.
  • Infusionsoft Campaigns: You must personalize your campaigns. Gone are the days of a general sales funnel templates you buy. I have set up campaigns that are meant to be personalized so that your list feels understood and taken care of. We will work together with a copywriter in your industry to hone in on this experience for your customers and prospects. Here is a list of campaigns that I specialize in:
    • Membership Campaign: Promote your membership (webinars, joint ventures, FB ads, etc.) where we track all data that comes in. After they purchase your membership, we take care of them, too, by ensuring they receive everything they need each and every month. You most miss a beat with this campaign.
    • Free Opt-in: It’s not just a web form and an email. There is so much data we need to collect to be able to handle this new NEED for your prospects to feel understood and taken care of. This is my most robust campaigns because if you don’t have the data, you won’t be able to effectively connect with prospects.
    • Product Campaign: It is not enough to just give access to a product. My campaigns are templated to ensure we are nurturing your customers to get the absolute most out of your product. Make them feel loved and supported and you’ll have a customer for life. Existing customers are a lot cheaper than finding new ones.
    • Service Campaign: This campaign is for One-on-one clients that need a lot of hands-on support from you and your support team. Where are your processes so you don’t miss a beat and $? Get rid of that excel tracking sheet. My campaign is not only for your customer but most of it is for you and your support staff. Yes! In your APP, you will have an onboarding process with tasks and next steps, all the way to make sure they have paid and have not taken advantage of your offerings by being disorganized.
    • “Get To Know Your List” Campaign: This is one of my most important campaigns. Why? Because most people don’t know anything about who is on their list; Why are they there? Why did they sign up? Where did they come from? What do they want to learn? Who are they? This campaign is robust and gives us data that is so powerful. Are you sending one broadcast email to your entire list? Those days are gone. We need to take care of people in a way that makes them feel like they are a part of a community that services them specifically. You can only do this by speaking their language.
  • End-to-End Sales System: We can customize your sales pipeline within the app so your team can track the progress and activity of all prospects and customers, forecast and set up helpful reports. One great example is WINNING a sale after a phone call and having a system in place where your sales rep sets a trigger and so much automation takes place to take care of that customer.
  • Website, Landing Page and Membership Sites: If you are in need of a website, landing page or membership, Jason and I will put together a complete launch package.
  • Virtual Assistant – Ongoing Support: For 10+ years, my sister, Ranae, has been on my team working in many systems, including Infusionsoft and she’s a fantastic detail oriented Virtual Assistant. Ranae is available M-F, 9-5 CT, for ongoing support. This relationship has been a great set up for our clients because we speak each other’s language very well and I can offer her expert support while working in your app.

Interested in setting up a chat and pricing? Please email me now to set up a time to chat at rachael@redhenwebdesign.com