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Well you’ll recall I created Jeremy’s first website and like any good actor he’s constantly honing his brand, and therefore, so goes his website.  We’ve added some terrific functionality including a tabbed resume feature with video clip integration allowing casting directors to see his credits and quickly see a corresponding video clip (where he has footage). […]

This project was a complete rebranding and a completely new website for the Arts Departments of Providence High School in Burbank, California: We needed to balance the branding of the high school itself along with the artistic endeavors of the various arts departments: Visual Arts, Choral, and Drama. Given that it’s a WordPress website, […]

Yes, you’ll see her in the season finale of Showtime’s Weeds.  And she needed to own her own website!  As an LA actor she has an account with ActorsAccess, LACasting, IMDb, etc.  So for Gigi, she simply wanted to claim her domain name and have a single web page with her representation that would ‘direct traffic’ […]

For Jeremy wanted simple & dark with a full range of video clips and audio to showcase his work and be a one-stop-shop for anyone wanting to get familiar with his work whether on camera or voiceover.  The great thing about having his own site is that he has full control over his own […]

With we really wanted to showcase the artwork of her latest EP Lovin’ Heartache.  So we embeded a player directly into the cover art of her album.  She wanted the ability to create new blog posts for new singles she records from time to time and want to share them.  We created the ability […]